Weekend Wish List #11

To commemorate me being a post graduate, I’ve kinda gone a bit cray with my (online) purchases during the past few weeks, which is only being fuelled by the sales signs hanging everywhere —more on that in the upcoming days. However, that has never stopped me from compiling a list with bits I’ve been meaning to buy. One of the many reasons why I love lists so much is that it’s kinda works therapeutic for me… Confessions of a shopaholic much?

I’m slowly running out of my pile of hand creams, so the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Cream has been on top of my list to buy. Recently I saw a guy on the tram using it and that was actually the moment when I decided that I, too, had to have it. Besides it looking super cool, it is nourishing without giving you sticky, sweaty palms.

My skin has actually improved so much in the past week, it’s absolutely crazy. Sadly I’m writing this whilst two new blemishes have popped up, but I’ve really been liking the sheer and natural bases on me. I’ll be very late to the party, but the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette has just been in my mind the entire week. Whilst being someone who barely wears any highlighter, I just think this would be such a good idea. Besides sheer bases, I’ve been rocking nude colours the past two weeks on my lips and tips. ILIA Lip Conditioner in Nobody’s Baby seems just like something I don’t own yet and I’ve actually been looking for a good nude lipstick that doesn’t make me look dead [sick]. The last make up bit I haven’t been able to stop thinking about is Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher. I completely blame Ruth [Crilly] for this and that’s all.

Talking about fellow bloggers, after Fleur‘s video on Elizabeth & James’ Nirvana Black perfume, I really wanted to try it badly. Maybe even more when I couldn’t get my hands on it myself? The effect of scarcity I suppose… Another brand that’s impossible to get a hold of elsewhere than the States is Formula X. Lilac Indigo and Unstoppable are just shades I don’t own yet (shocker) and just look like the perfect summer shades.

Even though my skin has improved heaps, the thought of having an emergency treatment is something very appealing and although it isn’t a product that’s been talked about a lot, I’ve got a feeling S5 Purity Serum actually will work. Created by the founders of NUDE skincare, S5 is a brand which mixes both scientific knowledge and natural ingredients in one. Another natural product I’ve been meaning to try (for over a year already) is John Masters Organics Bare Unscented Shampoo. Numerous people I trust have recommended this particular shampoo to me, as I’m looking for something that doesn’t aggregate my scalp and leaves it clean for more than one day. And please don’t ask me why I haven’t tried it yet, as I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Whilst making wish lists is very therapeutic and [it] sorts my thoughts, I’m also my own worst enabler… Someone hide my credit card, now!