What I’ve Been Loving (June 2014)

June has been such a crazy month and flew by like no other. I had a gazillion deadlines, presented my thesis, talked about the rise of beauty bloggers, proposed a brand activation plan, graduated, concluded my traineeship and signed up for a new one (which I’ve commenced already). Like Amelia would say: cray to the cray.

I entered the month with calm, nearly spot-free skin, mainly thanks to Aurelia Miracle Cleansing Balm. I have reviewed this a very long time ago (here) and this is actually my second tub. Long story short: I dropped my first one, it broke, I bought a new one. I massage this generously on damp skin (day and eve) and let it sit for a few minutes, as the ingredients are way too good to simply wash away immediately. It’s infused with 100% pure botanicals including Baobab (which contains Omega oils), Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Bergamot, making it the perfect blend of aromas to either start your day or wind down. After only 3 days of using it this way, my skin became smoother, softer and calmer. Yay for pure botanicals!

However, as time was passing and I neared many deadlines, my calm skin slowly started to transform in a spotty, dull and patchy something. Luckily I’ve been able to manage ‘the damage’ by spritzing Nature’s Perfect Witch Hazel Toner and patting that on my skin. Witch Hazel is known to work anti-inflammatory, clarifying and soothing, which was just what my skin has been needing.

Aside from my skin troubles, I discovered a new must-have, which is the p2 Quick Dry Spray. It smells absolutely horrific (really, I’m not even kidding), but it works brilliantly. A few spritzes in-between coats and as a finishing touch has truly saved me lots of time, especially since I didn’t have to keep re-applying. Result? One happy camper. Speaking about being happy, the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed has been my bedtime read for the past month. Although I usually don’t read fiction, Wild is a great memoir that showed me that every backlash can and will make us stronger, as long as we’re determined. Now how’s that for inspiration?