Double Trouble

When skincare goddess, Caroline Hirons (durr), says a product is good stuff, I’m one of those gals who run to the store to grab one of each —to the extend that my bank account allows me. Aesop Control Gel happens to be one of these products. I picked it up, used it religiously, but wasn’t really sure what to think about it. Quite frankly I had a revelation when I finished this stuff, and yearned for more.

The Control Gel is, unlike other spot treatments I’ve tried, very sticky. It dries transparent and as long as you let it dry properly, you can wear it under makeup, too. In the beginning I just slapped it on my blemish, every day and night —without result. I kept on persisting, as it had the Hirons Seal after all. After a while I simply gave up, something that didn’t seem to improve or worsen the condition of my blemish, why would I even bother.

That was until I read an article that was quite an eye-opener, which discussed the order you must apply products. I’ve never doubted my own regime, which was all about layering —from liquids to creams: toner(s), eye cream, serum, spot treatment, oil, moisturiser. Little did I know, is that you must put your spot treatment before anything else —no matter how thin your serum is.

So after this little revelation, I began to actually see the goodness that this product gave my skin. It’s packed with Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Ginger Root and Tea Tree Leaf, which all aid to calm, hydrate and soothe the skin, whilst repairing the skin’s tissue. I apply this generously on the inflamed area after my toner and the next day (or in the evening) the spot has either dramatically decreased, became less red/inflamed or was brought to a head. I love that it’s so gentle and doesn’t make your skin itch or peel, making it great for all skin types. Do bear with the stickiness. But believe me, you’ll get used to it.