I’m So Excited

… and I just can’t hide it. A little while back I’ve dropped a slight note that I might be moving back to England, and today people, I’d like to say: it’s definite. I’ll be crossing the pond in mid September and I can’t wait.

To be more precise, I’ll be returning to Leeds for my postgrad studies this time and will be following their Advertising and Marketing programme. I couldn’t be more excited about this, as I’ll be a tad closer to London (not really) and I’m genuinely loving the courses that are given. Now I’ve been mad busy to prep for this big move. Most of it is paperwork, calling and chasing people up to get the deed done. Not my fave task of the world…

If you’ve noticed a slight bump in my not-so-flawless track record of posts, that’s because that’s when I had my TOEFL exam. For those who don’t know what TOEFL is, it’s basically a computer exam that confirms my level of English. Already carrying a C2 Cambridge English Certificate, it wasn’t that nerve-wracking, but it’s the 4 hours you’ve got to stare at a screen. I was completely drained and couldn’t look at a computer screen for a few days. Okay, I’m exaggerating here a bit, but you understand my point. I received my results over the mail just the day before yesterday and even though I wasn’t that happy with my initial performance, I scored well over the required score. Yay, me!

Having applied to two Universities, I actually didn’t expect to be accepted by both, as their entry requirements were very high and my scores in the past year… Yeah, not my best. Anyways, I got completely surprised as I received the offer letters and now I’m in a sudden roller coaster ride and I’m a tad overwhelmed to be completely honest. I’m slowly but surely ticking the boxes of the things I need to prep and whilst I’ll do my best to bring you fun and relevant content, bear with me if that doesn’t happen according to schedule, because I’ll be going to England, baby! Boots, Space NK and the land of other cool beauty stores/brands, here I come (again).