Castor Oil: Miracle Cure or Overrated Crap?

There were three things that I immediately did when my brows nearly got tweezed in half: I tweeted my loss, when posting I came to realise how bad they actually look sand went into a major meltdown mode, and when I finally managed to calm down, first thing I did was Google-ing “How to grow your brows back”. With quite some raves on Castor Oil, I decided to give it a go. So the morning after, when I got over my self-pity, I hopped on my bike – I mean, what better way to trial its hair growth abilities when nearly every hair’s been plucked?

Ok, ok. I’m exaggerating here a bit. I didn’t have to go around town with no eyebrows, but I’m not kidding when I say half’s been gone. Thanks to my Dad I’ve always lived with bushy/thick eyebrows and a god-awful shape. After years of trial & error and some professional help (thanks HD Brows!) I finally was quite happy with what I got. Due to my laziness I seeked the help of a local ‘pro’ and the rest you already know…

So back to the Castor Oil. I’ve been rubbing it onto my brows and the areas where I wanted to stimulate hair growth religiously for 2 weeks and now I’m just rubbing it on whenever I remember to. My first verdict is that it’s very nourishing and only a little is needed (or you’ll end up feeling very heavy and oily, yuck). Secondly: it definitely isn’t a miracle cure, however, it works. After two days of generously rubbing it on my brow area (day and night) I noticed that some hairs already grew quite a bit and after 1,5 weeks lots of baby hairs grew on the spots where hair was plucked. Conclusion: definitely a bit of an overrated miracle product, but with time and some help from Castor Oil will indeed speed up the process a little and fill the blank spaces with tiny, little, conditioned brow hairs.


Note: I have yet to try this on my lashes, but as you can imagine: my full focus is on my brows, ha.