This Happened (Again)

Whereas some people seek comfort in their family or beloved one, I venture into shopping. If I’m feeling sad, annoyed or just distressed — online shopping is my bestie, anywhere, anytime. So with the latest debacles: nearly homeless in Leeds, got my brows ruined and the company is milking me to the last drop in my last week, you can’t blame me for venturing to my bank-breaking way of comfort.

Yes, people: I’ve finally caved and bought the Aesop Resurrecting Hand Cream. It took a lot of hesitation before I took the plunge, but my hands were just itching to try that hand cream everyone seems to like. So is it worth the pennies? My verdict the first 25 seconds: Nah. My verdict 5 seconds later: It’s bloody amazing. Smells like mandarins and oranges in a tube, sinks into the skin after 30 seconds (patience is a virtue) and smoothes the skin almost instantly. And hello, have you seen the packaging? Classic.

I actually received the Elizabeth & James Black Nirvana Rollerball from a good friend of mine, which she picked up for me whilst she was in NYC – New York Citeh, the Big Apple, you know the one. I’ve heard so many great things about the E&J fragrance line and couldn’t be happier when I tried it. It’s quite a heavy and musky scent, so it’s more of an evening scent. Great just to throw in your clutch when you’re out-and-about.

And the other bits… yeah I bought them all when Net-a-Porter had their temporary free shipping promotion. #Sucker4FreeShipping First things that entered my basket were the ILIA lipsticks. Nearly everyone who matters raves about these and lots of the natural beauty bloggers I follow recommended these to me. It’d be impolite to not act upon that, now wouldn’t it? After a gazillion swatch searches of the lipsticks, I settled with the Lip Conditioner in Nobody’s Baby (the perfect nude) and the Lipstick in Around The World (a matte deep rose). Love the formula so far and expect a full review soon.

You may know that I struggle quite a bit with my hair care routine, and I thought that trying a natural shampoo might help and sort out my sensitive scalp. Rahua Volumnising Shampoo is by no means cheap (they should’ve called it liquid gold, okay, maybe it’s not that expensive) and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now but I’m not quite sure I’m liking what I see. To be continued… And my last splurge? HA, it’s a big ‘un. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder must be one of those super-luxe products that you want to buy, but you simply cannot afford or just shouldn’t buy because of the price tag. I’ve been wearing it for the past week and I’m a convert. All combination skinned girls who tend to get shiny throughout the day: start saving, pronto. You need this in your life.