Waves In A Bottle

I’ve had super-straight-Asian hair all my life, except the time when I permed my ends two years ago (worst decision ever = damaged ends for life), so I’m always up to try a product that promises to add a bit of oomph to my ‘do. Not being the greatest fan of salt sprays, I’ve really gotten to like them since I chopped off 12-15 cm of my hair before I left for Leeds. New town, new hair much?

If you’re looking for something that’s really light and gives you that tiny bit of extra texture without weighing your hair down, Biosilk SilkTherapy Beach Texturising Spray is your pick. It’s a fine mist that you just spritz over damp hair and massage it in, just like any other salt spray. Blended with vitamins and minerals it’s supposedly good for your hair (can’t say I’ve noticed much difference in my hair though) and it leaves my hair with just a little bit of extra volume, whilst still leaving my locks light and clean.

For those who want a bit more of that gritty texture and the effortless ‘surfer girl’ kinda hair, Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray is my fave. It does leave your hair quite gritty so I tend to use this on second-day hair (or third…) when I’m going out. The smell of this product is literally amazing and quite addictive I’d say. It gives the greatest texture, making achieving that ‘I woke up like dis’ bed hair so easy. Because it gives quite an oomph to your hair, it can be quite heavy for those who’ve got fine hair, but other than that you won’t hear me complaining.