I’m Still Alive, Promise

I’m sure you’ve all noticed my radio silence, and whilst I don’t want to be the one to push the blame on something else besides my bad time management – I kinda do. Starting the postgrad life, moving house – without WiFi (I know!) – was awfully hectic and stressful. The fact that I’ve survived on my wobbly hotspot connection for nearly a month is just shocking, but I’m back now with a steady Internet connection and I’ll hopefully get back to my regular posting routine soon.

So yeah, I’ve crossed the pond a bit over a month already and I’m settling in very well. When I first moved into my new house, I was created by a building site. No jokes. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a snapshot of how my view was from the front door. It’s much better now and we actually have pavement to walk on and a fence in the garden —we’re still waiting for the grass.

Honestly it surprised me how well and fast I felt homely in the house and I think credit is all due to my housemates. They’re such a lovely and hilarious bunch and surprisingly we get on really well even though we’r so different —which is maybe the reason why. Having a Geordie housemate, I’ll promise you I’ll be fluent by the end of the year. And in case you’re wondering —yes, we’re making Tuesdays Geordie Shore days. Disclaimer: Monday’s we watch Made In Chelsea and on Saturday we’re outshining the judges On X Factor, which is an understatement —believe me.