A Little Obsessed With Hydraluron

I know I’m a bit late *cough* 2 years *cough* to the party, but I’ve got to say it: I’m obsessed with Indeed Labs’s Hydraluron. As a blogger I try my hardest to avoid following the crowd in trying products, as often views get clouded and people say the same thing for the sake of saying the same thing, though not for this. I tried to fight it but then a good friend of mine [who has a similar mindset] caved and told me I would love this and had to try it. And so I did…

If you don’t know what Hydraluron is and what it does (seriously where have you been?), it’s a very potent serum that contains “the purest Hyaluronic Acid from the Netherlands”. It’s 100% free of animal derived raw materials and Paraben, Propylene Glycol and fragrance free. Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that hydrates the skin and can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and acts like a magnet for water, making it stay in your skin and not evaporate.  It’s a very thin and gel-like texture, which sinks into the skin instantly without even having to massage it in.

Recently I’ve just finished my first tube (this stuff lasts forever) and you can see that I’ve already stocked up on my second and third tube. It’s good. I use this twice a day, after my toner, before my treatments and serums to act as a good base. The first 3 days after using this, I’ve noticed my skin to feel more plump. A week later, I could well see the differences in my skin texture and hydration levels. I’ve got very dehydrated skin and foundation can easily ‘sit’ on top of my skin and appear patchy when my skin is exceptionally dry. To test the real effects of Hydraluron, I stopped using this for a month and that was a bad idea. My skin had gotten very dry and flakey (due to Winter weather) and nothing could really fix it. After 1,5 weeks of religiously using Hydraluron again, my skin was returned to its normal hydration levels (or even beyond). I’m telling you, this is plump and hydrated skin in a tiny tube —which is never leaving my side until I find something that’ll top this. And honestly, I think that day is far far away.