An Other Story, An Other Candle

Can we all take a minute to appreciate the utter Scandinavian gorgeousness that’s in front of our eyes? Yes? Thank you. When I booked my ticket to fly back to Amsterdam, the first thing on my to-do list was to visit & Other Stories. My weekly hang out spot when I still lived in London, so I couldn’t be more excited when they finally opened their doors on my home-turf! Aside from great streamlined and simplistic clothes, shoes and jewellery, they recently brought out a candle range. Being a big lover on candles and the store, I had to try these. And okay, the packaging played a role as well…

I nearly picked up 3 [out of 4] candles, but my sister literally forced me to edit it down (she was putting the candles I had in my basket back on the shelf – she’s a rebel) and I settled with Studion and La Cour Jardin. I could not be more impressed with these candles and the scent range. There are 4 different scents in total, falling into different categories. Studion is named after their photography studio in Stockholm and is a fig-scented candle with Bergamot, Lemon and Fig notes, and dare I say it: the ultimate dupe for Diptique Figuer. But then bigger, cheaper and Scandinavian. La Cour Jardin is named after the garden in their Paris store, and is a mixture of soft floral top notes and a woody base. With Orange Blossom, White Frangipani and Sheer Gardenia as heart notes, this is such a relaxing and soothing scent. I have yet to burn this one, but with Gardenias being one of my favourite flowers, I doubt I will be disappointed.

They sell for €19/£17 each, which isn’t the cheapest, but definitely a bargain compared to the more high-end/premium candle brands. Usually with cheaper candles, I find they burn real quickly and don’t give off much scent. However, I’ve been burning this for the entire week and it’s still going strong (it should burn up to 45 hrs), whilst the house smells amaze. Is it bad I’m already calculating in my head how many I can physically carry back home next time I’m in town?