Discovering Payot

Skincare is something I experiment with a lot and I enjoy switching products around and to try new things all the time. Spot treatments, on the other hand, I am rather loyal to and stick with whatever is working. It’s so difficult to find something that works on ‘your type’ of acne and whilst I’ve found some bits I can semi-rely on, I didn’t expect to break out when I returned home. My skin had been reviving itself from the harsh 4-hour-sleep-a-day diet for the past two weeks and it was starting to look good. Then it went bonkers when I returned home and there I was, spotty without any spot treatments at hand. Just. My. Luck. [and in time for holiday season].

Surprisingly, I actually left my skin spotty for nearly a week and then I couldn’t bear it anymore. I did some minor research and the brand Payot caught my eye on Cult Beauty. I know they know their shiz, so upon some more research, Spéciale 5 and Pâte Grise went in my basket. A few days later it arrived and I won’t lie: I was shocked (and rather disappointed) by the miniature sizes of both products – both are 15ml. 

I’ve tried both products for about two weeks now and I can say I’ve got a love and a meh. As much as I wanted to love Pâte Grise, I just couldn’t. It literally means grease in French [edit: literal translation is “grey paste”], but despite the dodgy name, I still remained hopeful. Containing Almond Oil, Talcum and Schist Extracts, it is very nourishing, but that’s all it is —at least on my skin. You need to scoop a bit out of the tub with a cotton bud and dab it on the spot before bed time. I’ve tried different types of spots, situations and way of application but none of them have worked. Also, because it’s quite soft and greasy, it doesn’t dry and stays ‘wet’ on the skin —not the best when you’ve got silk pillow cases (!!).

On the other hand, Spéciale 5, is something I’ve come to love. At first I wasn’t quite sure, but after 3 days of continuous application, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in active spots and on day 5 over half of it has gone. It’s a purifying and drying overnight gel that dries up semi-translucent. It contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree and Sulphur, which speeds up the process of ‘removing’ the blemish, healing the skin and controlling sebum. I found it doing just that and haven’t actually used anything like it before. For what it does, it is surprisingly gentle —it doesn’t sting or smell very astringent. I’m about to order a second bottle of this just to have a spare bottle in case I run out. It’s that good.