Rolling With The Homies

(Everyone who gets the Clueless reference gets a cookie). Facial massages, lymph drainage… Perhaps one of the most featured beauty buzz words of the moment? Sadly for me, a visit to a facialist is not in the books and I’m simply a tad too lazy to do facial massages on a daily basis, which is where facial rollers enter the picture.

Facial massages and lymph drainage are great for removing toxins, reduce water retention, de-bloat the skin, anti-ageing and giving you that healthy glow. I’ve actually noticed that my face has become less bloated after only a week of using a roller (twice a day) and after continuous use, the blemishes that popped up on my chin area slowly disappeared. Because it massages the lymphs, it gets your blood flowing, resulting in a red flush. This is normal and it’ll fade away after a few minutes.

There are different types of facial rollers, which claim different things, but to me they are mostly marketing jargon and they practically do the same thing, which is massaging your face. After using my rollers a bit more religiously (see: twice a day), I’ve really noticed great improvements. I like to use it after applying my toner or face oil [which is why one of ’em is slightly orange tinted due to Pai’s BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil].

I’ve tried both the Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller and Rose Quartz Roller, which have a bigger and smaller stone. One for the face and neck and one for smaller delicate areas, e.g., eyes, upper lip, between the brows. I love the calming touch of the stones and the smaller stone, so I can de-puff my eyes, but besides that, I haven’t really noticed any marvellous differences between the different type of stones. A much cheaper alternative is The Body Shop Facial Roller, which is a bit more than a fiver. Besides being much cheaper, it’s got rubber bristles which make it really easy to massage the face and without having to put too much pressure, it does the job well, if not better. See the roller in action here. I mean… if it’s good enough for Caroline, it good ’nuff for me.