Scrub ‘Em Off

If you told me a year ago that I would be raving about body exfoliators, I’d never believe you. Body oils —a big fat yes. But exfoliators that’d make me talk faster because of excitement? Nah. Frankly, that was because I’d never tried a proper body exfoliator before, and here I am writing about my favourite so far. Meet REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish.

REN is a brand you all must be familiar with, since I 1) always mention them, 2) they’re amazing and 3) they’re amazing. Having worked in-house for a beauty brand, there are many things you come to discover. How products are formulated, what ingredients to use, which have been used, etc. What I didn’t realise is that most exfoliators contain artificial particles in that are the beads you’re religiously ‘scrubbing’ on your body. Aside from polluting the ocean and clogging drains, those plastic beads result in scratching the skin and stimulating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Not wanting to ban body exfoliating all together, I tried to look for natural alternatives. After having tried different types, brands and formulas, my favourite still remained REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish. Besides Rosa Damascene Flower Oil, it contains Cane Sugar to exfoliate the skin and stimulates skin renewal, Olive and Almond Oil to nourish the skin and Caffeine to energise, revive and tone the skin.

Depending on how you want to exfoliate your body, you can apply it on dry skin for an intensive scrub or on wet skin for something more gentle. I’m quite lazy with body products, but I tend to use this 2-3 times a month. Just like the other products from the Moroccan Rose range, it smells divine and very relaxing. After washing off the product, it leaves a very thin film of oil on your skin, which is nourishing enough for me to skip the body moisturiser all together. However, if you have very dry skin, I’d recommend sealing it with an oil or cream. It’s definitely not the cheapest product out there, but sometimes a girl’s got to treat herself to some TLC.