The Art of Eating Well

It’s not a surprise I’m obsessed with the sister duo Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley, also widely known as Hemsley + Hemsley. Not only are they both stunning (fun fact: Jasmine used to be a model), their eye for healthy and green food is no joke. I’ve given myself the mission to start using cookbooks this year, to widen my horizon on food. I have got lots to learn when it comes to healthy living and The Art of Eating Well may have just become my food bible.

Aside from containing simple and easy-to-follow recipes – ranging from breakfast, soups, salads, sides and snacks, meat and fish, vegetable mains, dressings and dips, baking and desserts and drinks – the book also contains a lot of tips for healthy living n00bs. There are about 20 pages explaining the book should be used, what healthy living would mean, green(er) substitutes and an explanation what that substitute adds to your diet. I think it’s worth just getting the book to read that section.

Moreover, at the end it explains how to prepare the basic foundations of their recipes, which include how to make bone broth, activating and cooking pulses, nuts and seeds, menus or tips when you’re eating out. My favourite part is definitely the section “The Sunday Cook Off”. I’ve already taken notes on how to spend my Sundays more productively to fully prep for the week ahead.

I can only sing praises and I wouldn’t understand why anyone would have any negative things to say about this. It’s not a book that’s restricting you or telling you things you must and musn’t do. I got this book a few weeks before Christmas, and I’m guilty of only reading it now, after the crazy holidays back home and my finals. I’ve already changed small things, such as steaming more food, not using Sunflower Oil, only using Himalayan Salt and I’m so motivated and eager to start changing more. I’ve bookmarked so many recipes that I’d be able to accomplish or things that just look amazing.

I tried capturing a few of my fave dishes of the book, but there are so many more. If you’re still not sure if this book is something you’d be able to commit to, Hemsley + Hemsley blog for – where they share new recipes every now and again – which you could check out to see whether this is something for you. I’d highly recommend checking their website for more tips as well. Currently I’ve got my eyes glued onto their Spiralizer, which I really want in my life kitchen. What can I say? The thought of courgetti (spaghetti made with courgette) and cucumber noodles makes my tummy rumble and gets me droolin’.