The Product I Recently Fell In Love With

Indie Lee has been a brand I’ve always been meaning to try, but I never got around to trying for whatever reason. One day I was just browsing around to seek something new and their Squalene Oil grabbed my attention – I just had to get it. Maybe it was the free shipping promo or maybe it was the fact that my skin was a mess and I needed something to comfort me. Whatever it was, I’m so glad that I finally bit the bullet, ’cause it’s awesome.

Indie Lee’s Squalene Oil is a 100% pure, cold-pressed, olive-derived oil that aids to diminish age spots, boosts cell regeneration and promotes skin elasticity. Squalene is an ingredient that our body (or well skin cells) can naturally produce and acts as a barrier to protect the skin from moisture loss and environmental toxins as it’s rich in antioxidants. Because Squalene Oil can mimic our body’s own natural moisturiser, it sinks into the skin swiftly without leaving residue or grease.

Normally I find using an oil in the day-time a tad too heavy for my [combination] skin type, but because it is absorbed so easily, my make up doesn’t slip away and I’ve been using this twice a day, every day. I’ve been doing so for several weeks and my skin has improved so much! Not only have I noticed that my foundation stays on longer without sinking into pores and fine lines, but my skin is much smoother, brighter and more even. Paired with the S5 Replenish Serum (mentioned here) it has reduced the appearance of my hyper pigmentation and my skin seems less inflamed. I also noticed that over time, I had to use less oil. Call me ignorant, but I’m concluding that it means my skin needs less product because it’s hydrated well?

There are no words to describe my excitement and love for this product and I would certainly say that it’s suitable for all skin types —be it severely dry or very oily. It’s a punch of nourishment whilst feeling very light on the skin. I’m not even half way through and a second bottle is already on its way. Come to momma!