Smells Like Cotton?

Hi, my name is WengYee and I’m a hand cream junkie. There probably isn’t a tube I haven’t tried over the years, trust me. You won’t spot me anywhere without a tube of hand cream, be it on a night out, at Uni or me being sat at my desk all day. It’s just because I’m damned with dry hands and cuticles all year around (thanks Mum). Thanks to my curious nature (and dangerous shopping habits) I’ve left no brand stone unturned, That being said, I’ve never gotten around to try the & Other Stories‘s hand cream range, which I’ve always secretly loved due to its simplistic packaging. It only took a quick whiff and rub to get me to the till to buy their Zephyr Hand Cream.

Aside from it smelling 50 shades of ah-mazing – “an exquisite touch of succulent peach surrounded by a rich floral soul with a hint of plum”, their words not mine – it’s also very nourishing. An to be honest, aside from nice packaging, that’s all I need in my hand creams. I contains Cottonseed Oil and Vitamin E, which leave the hands soft and smooth.

One of the things that I find even more important than the above-mentioned points, is the fact that it doesn’t feel greasy. I mean… There’s nothing worse than greasy hands that either a) leave prints on everything that has a screen, b) makes typing a nightmare, c) don’t even start with holding a pen and trying to write, and d) no one wants to shake hands with hands that feel greasy. Seriously, no one. Long story short: this doesn’t [leave hands greasy]. It sinks into the skin as you’re rubbing it in and it just disappears. You don’t feel it, but it’s there. Does that make sense? No?