The Hydraluron Contender

I’ve confessed my love for Indeed Labs’s Hydraluron and I’m currently nearing the end of my second tube: it’s a skincare addition must for anyone, but especially those who suffer from dehydrated skin. When I was back home over Christmas I did a big clear out in terms of skincare and re-discovered JUJU Cosmetics’s AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Essence. Slightly different in some ways, but despite that a very serious Hydraluron contender.

JUJU Cosmetics is a Japanese drugstore skincare brand and unlike most Western drugstore skincare products, it’s very potent and free from fragrances, colouring, mineral oil and animal-derived ingredients. Unlike Hydraluron which comes in a plastic, squeezy tube – Hyaluronic Acid Essence comes in a blue glass bottle with a handy pump. It’s not the most practical when travelling (the glass makes it quite hefty), but I find it more hygienic and it protects and keeps the product potent due to the tinted glass.

Its main ingredient are 3 types of pure Hyaluronic Acid, which is what hydrates and plumps the skin and has collagen promoting benefits. I couldn’t find more information about what the combination of different types of HA makes the product so special or what the exact benefits are (aside from being hydrating and skin plumping), but I can tell you about how my skin reacted to it. Which –  fyi – was good, very good. Texture wise it is the exact same as Hydraluron or perhaps ever so slightly runnier and it feels a tad more ‘wet’ when first applied to the skin. It takes a tiny bit longer to sink into the skin, but I can feel that my skin just drinks it up absorbs it almost immediately, prepping it for the next step (e.g., serum/oil/moisturiser).

I was actually ‘forced’ to use this in the last two weeks I was at home, as I ran out of Hydraluron. To be completely honest, I didn’t notice any difference in terms of hydration levels and my skin remained plump, despite the cold wind and blasting radiator. If you’re unable to get your hands on Indeed Labs’s Hydraluron – and you’ve got dehydrated skin – I’d definitely recommend trying JUJU Cosmetics’s AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Essence, as it’s just as good or even better —but then Japanese, and cheaper. (It’s sold through with worldwide shipping.)