The Haul That’s Mega Overdue

Because I’ve been so pre-occupied with Uni assignments and group meetings, I’ve completely forgotten to feature these purchases on my blog. You may have noticed that I’ve been shopping quite a bit… #UnderstatementOfTheYear. Be warned for another haul post soon, which will be very skincare heavy. What can I say… My name is WengYee and spending money is my middle name.

First off the beauty bits. Surely I wasn’t the only one who got super excited when Real Techniques announced their more ‘premium’ range Bold Metals, with (even) softer bristles. I mean… don’t the gold handles look amazing? Yes, they are a magnet for finger prints, but I don’t care. Their 100 Arched Powder Brush is my fave so far. I use it for loose powder, blush, bronzer… practically anything that’s powder based. I don’t think it’s one to substitute any of my existing staples, but it’s just pretty to look at. How vain, I know. The Bold Metals 101 Triangle Foundation Brush is a different story. Although I love the gimmick behind it, I’m not sure I know how to use it properly. The reason why I don’t use foundation brushes is because they always end up looking streaky on my face —this one included. I guess, I’ll have to brush up (sorry) my skills with Sam & Nic’s tutorials.

When NARS had a new foundation launch in the books, I knew I had to get my hands on it. And thank god NARS’s All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation doesn’t disappoint. It is a very long-lasting, lightweight foundation that packs a serious punch of coverage. Very easy to blend in and leaves the skin looking velvety. I wouldn’t recommend this for those with very dry skin, as this does cling onto patches, but it’s perfect for those with combination and oily skin. I usually skip the powder step, unless I know I’ve got a very long day ahead. I’m the shade Fiji – same as in Sheer Glow – and whereas it’s a perfect match, I do find it slightly more yellow toned than Fiji in SG. It’s got a great range of shades – no less than 20 – so I’m sure there’ll be something for everyone.

Make up wise, it didn’t end with NARS. With the Alice+White special promo, I scored some natural goodies, as it was too good to pass by. By now you must know my love for RMS Beauty is never ending – say eternal flame? Aside from repurchasing the “Un” Cover-Up in 22, aka) my go-to concealer, I  just had to try out their Living Luminizer, which gives the most subtle healthy glow, and Lip2Cheek in Modest, a ‘fresh, rich berry pink colour’. The last thing I picked up from A+W was the Pai Perfect Balance Blemish Serum Copaiba & Zinc. After reading many reviews over and over again, I decided to take the plunge. After all, with the promo, it softened the blow a bit. Sadly, I’ve got to say that the serum didn’t work for me at all. I gave it a go for 2-3 weeks, but instead of calming my break out, it aggravated it and it went from meh to disaster. Not sure what went wrong exactly, but I may give it to my sister to give it a new home. To end on a more positive note, I repurchased Antonia Burrel’s Forest Dew Skin Conditioner, which I absolutely adore. It’s basically a toner and essence in one. Will do a proper review on this soon!

As I can say music is my life and me and Spotify are pals for evah, sounds quality is everything. Whilst my Apple Headphones do the job, I’ve been thinking about an upgrade for a while. Something nice and something pretty, which is where the Frends Taylor come in. I’ve received so many compliments when wearing them and although I still have to get used to wearing headphones, the leather cushions are rather comfy on the ears. To end my rather stressful few weeks on a less superficial note, I went to Amazon to get my bookworm fix and picked up The Rosie Effect by Graime Simsion (the sequel to The Rosie Project) and Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward (the book that everyone is talking about). As a foodie and oblivious snacker, Deliciously Ella is great when I’m craving ‘bad’ food, as I can make it in a healthy way. I’ve only been drooling over the pages, so I’ll get back to you once I actually get cooking.

Side note: Apologies for the wacky lighting in these pictures. There are just not enough hours in a day to use natural daylight when you live in West Yorkshire. Sigh…