The Skincare Booster

If you’re a bit into green beauty, you may have caught a whiff of the brand Odacité and their ‘Boosters’. With an overwhelmingly big range that targets pretty much any skin concern, it was rather difficult to make up my mind and decide which one I wanted (or needed) to try the first. After prepping myself with a ton of reviews and consulting with my green beauty blogging friends, I had settled for Odacité’s Papaya and Geranium (Pa+G) Booster.

To be more specific, each oil is a supplement aka) booster to mix with your moisturiser or oil. When I applied it directly on my face – because I forgot (read: couldn’t be bothered) to read the instructions – I found that the it was a bit too potent and made my skin to react. However, when I followed the instructions and added 2-3 drops with any oil or moisturiser, my skin was looking and feeling great.

Pa+G, also known as their Hyper pigmentation Booster, is great for those who want to target dark spots specifically. Whether it’s from acne scarring, sun damage or age spots, this is it. I can’t say about the latter two, but it has definitely helped me in terms of diminishing my hyper pigmentation [caused by acne]. The Papaya Seed Oil is high in resurfacing enzymes, which is the main ingredient to fade pigmentation and dissolves dead skin cells, leaving your skin radiant and even. Geranium and Lemon Oils aids to brighten the skin and encourages wrinkle-reduction.

Having tried a fair share of the available skin brightening products, especially those that claim to target hyper pigmentation, this is by far my fave at the moment. It smells amazing, contains pure and potent ingredients, and it worked wonders. Whilst it comes in a 5ml bottle, don’t let the size discourage you. The ingredients are incredibly potent and as you only need a few drops each time, you’ll be able to see results before you run out. I believe I noticed the first improvements in 2 weeks and it’s only gotten better since. As I’m writing this, I’ve finished the bottle for quite a few weeks already and waited to see how my skin would react without it, before I’d repurchase. Long story short: a new bottle is on its way as we speak.