Shine Bright Like a Diamond

It’s taken me a long while before I warmed up against the idea of using highlighters. A product that’d make my complexion even shinier? Eh… No thanks. Being blessed with combination skin that will start looking shiny in just an hour of applying my base, I had enough ‘natural glow’ —read: grease. That being said, as my skin has gotten a bit drier, I’ve seen the benefits and now highlighters a staple in my everyday routine. I haven’t tried everything that’s out there, but these are the keepers…

The one for a subtle glow – RMS Living Luminizer from Being Content. This is my most recent addition and whereas I didn’t really get how to work this in the beginning, I love this now. It’s definitely the most subtle out of the bunch and I apply this on the inner-corners of my eyes, brow arch and cheekbones. Its main ingredient is Coconut Oil, so it’s very nourishing. Be aware of it, if you’re know to breakout from it! It being the most subtle [out of the bunch], I do find it fades the quickest as well, but that may have be the blame of my skin drinking it all up.

The one for all over Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in 02 Champagne from Escentual. I’ve just purchased my second tube of this gem, so I guess that says how much I like it. It’s more like a highlighting primer, which tones down the redness caused by scarring and blemishes in my skin. I can’t say I’ve noticed my makeup to stay on longer because of it, but I did notice that I need less concealer. And, I keep receiving compliments on how my skin looks so radiant/better and what I’ve done. Note to self: wear this every day.

The. One.BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl from Space NK. Of course I’d had to save the best for last, me and BECCA, we go a long way back. I’ve tried my fair share of the range, and I can’t believe how underrated the brand and its products are. Their foundations are brilliant and this… It’s cult for a reason. This is actually the product one that got me into highlighters. A little bit goes a long way and you can build it up, looking effortlessly like ‘I woke up like dis’ or ready to go clubbing all night in… Well, wherever you go clubbing.