What I’ve Been Loving (April 2015)

The past month has been crazy. I feel like I always say that, but April made me realise how fast time has past. I’ve been in Leeds for 8 months now, I’m 22 and 9outoften is officially 3 this month! The good about blogging is that I give myself a reason to splurge on items, all in the name of research for (better) content – at least that’s what I keep telling myself. This month I’ve re-discovered an old fave I’ve kinda forgotten about and discovered tons of new products that I wish I’d tried earlier.

The re-discovery was Chanel’s Vita Lumière Aqua Foundation. I’m sure you’re all rather familiar with this. I used to have this in B10, which is a tad too light for me right now, so I treated myself to B20 when I was at the airport. The coverage is just perfect. Light to medium, lightweight on the skin and with a natural finish. I’ve been wearing this, nearly every day the first part of the month. Why I hear you ask? That’s because I started fake tanning and have been wearing BECCA’s Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation in Nude for the other half. It’s the perfect fit when I’ve got a slight tan and is medium to full coverage. My skin has been a bit stressed, inflamed and hormonal, so an extra bit of coverage is always welcome.

I’m not a big fake-tanner to begin with – I’m way too lazy – but have tried my fair share of what’s available in the market. Weirdly, I’ve never tried St. Tropez before, and I have to say… Their Bronzing Mousse surprised me quite pleasantly. It’s my first time using a mousse, but so easy to apply. The colour suits my complexion perfectly and it’s so easy to layer for a darker shade.

The reason why I’m not a big fake tan fan is because once it starts fading, it can look patchy when you’re not moisturising properly. With the addition of REN’s Moroccan Rose Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil to my routine, my tan’s fade very naturally and applying moisturiser post-shower has actually become a nice extra step. It smells gorgeous, leaves a subtle glow and is so nourishing. Because it’s a dry oil, it sinks into the skin immediately, without leaving it greasy or heavy. I’m definitely saving the funkiest product for last. I’ve mentioned it before (here), but The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea is a green tea drinker’s dream. It smells amazing and I just keep reaching for it at the end of a long, tiring day. If there’s one new product you’ve got to try this month, it’s this… (OK, or the dry oil, don’t make me choose).