What I’ve Been Loving (May 2015)

Boy oh boy, May was one heck of a month. It’s the month that I had the most academic deadlines piled up in a mere few weeks, and the month with the most social responsibilities. OK, ok. Maybe you can call it chilling’ with ma friendsz… (Festivals, birthdays, going to the movies, lunch/dinner dates, Hozier, cake parties and a HP screening in a rundown abbey(!) —you know the gist). Despite this jam-packed schedule, I managed to discover one of my current favourite reads, and quite some beauty bits. Thank you, whomever who invented credit cards and online shopping.

Strictly speaking, HD Brows’s Brow Palette in Foxy is not a new beauty discovery, as I’ve kinda re-discovered this from my stash (hence the old packaging). Frankly, I really don’t understand why I haven’t been using it all this time. Or well, actually I do. I discovered the brand through the blogging community around 3 years ago and as I’ve only gotten into brow products, or a stronger brow game in  general over the past 1-2 years, I completely forgot about it. Fast forward to May 2015, and the shade Dark Brown has been the only thing that’s been on my brows. The palette has 4 different shades, but I’ve only been using 2 shades, which are Dark Brown for my brows and Carbon to line my eyes. I’m definitely a n00b when it comes to eye makeup, but practice makes perfect right?

Another make-up fave is Loved by Lou Lesage’s Tinted Lip Balm, which I’ve discovered through April’s My Little Box. It’s become my go-to lip product if I want something subtle, natural and nourishing on the lips. I’ve been wearing it nearly every day and it’s definitely one of my favourite tinted lip balms out there. That being said, it being in a pot is definitely a big letdown for me. As a commuter, sticking grubby fingers in a tub and then rubbing it over my lips is a big no-no.

Skincare-wise, Dr. Alkaitis’s Organic Soothing Gel has been a lifesaver. My Amazingy haul (soon on the blog!) arrived the day after I handed in my second-to-last assignment, which made me feel amazing —no pun intended. After only using this for one day, I noticed a big difference in my skin already. The next day my skin was less inflamed and generally less red and angry. Maybe it was the fact that I actually stopped stressing for a little bit, or just the combination of the two, but it definitely did something good. Another new purchase is COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patch. The name makes me cringe and I usually don’t believe in these pimple patches, as I’ve been there and done that —without any results. With no expectations whatsoever, this just blew my socks off. It literally just does what it promises, and quite frankly, that’s all I need. I’m planning on purchasing and trying out a few more COSRX products, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Last, but definitely not least is Aliza Licht’s Leave Your Mark. It’s a self-help book on how to, “Land your dream job, kill it in your career, and rock social media”. Aliza is the brilliant woman behind one of my all-time favourite Twitter accounts DKNY PR GIRL (@dkny), and the one who got me into Scandal —I’m eternally grateful for that. I’ll do a proper review on the book soon, so I won’t ramble about this for long. Though I’ll say this: Leave Your Mark is such a refreshing read as there’s no sugar-coated advice. It’s simply the mentor you need in your career life.