Christopher Kane x NARS Blush in Silent Nude

I doubt there’ll be a day NARS will not excite me with their collections, especially when it’s a collaboration or limited edition range. Together with fashion designer Christopher Kane, NARS has launched a capsule collection consisting of a selection of lip products, eyeshadows, a multiple and two blushes. Whereas I’d love to try all of them, I settled with the Blush in Silent Nude, as it’s the type of shade I don’t own and have always wanted to. So hey presto, why not?

First things first, this was a complete impulse buy — more on that here — and I didn’t do any pre-purchase research, which I usually do. Whilst I was browsing the NARS thread on the Purse Blog forum (I know, random) post-purchase, someone pointed out to me that the blushes in this collection are newly formulated. Why? Who knows, as NARS are renowned for their blushes. So after a bit more research, this new formula is apparently described as a “soft, silky texture with sheer buildable matte colour”. And honestly, I personally wouldn’t be able to put it in better words.

It appears rather powdery in the pan, but looks great on the skin and doesn’t look patchy at all. It’s a peachy-brown that would suit light to medium skin tones best, as it is so sheer. What attracted me to Silent Nude is that it doesn’t have an orange or pink undertone, hence it looks really natural and would be a perfect contour shade for those with lighter skin tones. I like to use it for a subtle contour or layer it for a healthy and natural flush on the cheeks. For the past few days, I’ve worn it combined with Torrid, which I’ve dubbed my Summer cheek combination. It’s just the perfect ratio of peachiness and it makes me feel like a beach babe. Let me live a little, OK?