The Deal About Double-Lettered Cushions

Just as we thought the Koreans couldn’t get any more gimmicky with beauty product inventions, they shut us up by shoving an army of cushiony products right in our face. I’ll be honest, I’m very a tad biased when it comes to anything Korean, as I’m just obsessed with their culture and country in general. Beauty-wise, they’re just on top of their game. Whereas I wasn’t quite sure about the BB/CC cushions out there in the market, in a moment of weakness I bit the bullet and a few weeks later Missha’s M Magic Cushion Moisture landed on my doorstep.

After some post-purchase research, Missha’s M Magic Cushion Moisture is one of the best-selling cushions out there in Korea and one of the fastest selling ones. Apparently it was sold-out in just hours of being on sale. Aside from the cheap price point, I can totally see why. I’ve never really gotten on with any of the double-lettered creams (BB/CC) out there, as they never quite matched my skin tone or they’d just oxidise really badly. That being said, #23 is just the perfect match for me when I don’t have a tan (the colour looks much darker in the pan).

In the pictures below I’m wearing the cushion as base, Christopher Kane x NARS Blush in Silent Nude, Bourjois Rouge Edition AQUA Laque in 02 Rosé on the RocksHD Brows’ Eye & Brow Palette in Foxy and a lil’ dust of fairy powder aka) By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder on the nose. Of course I broke out [from a sugar overdose] on the day I took the pictures, so you can still see some imperfections showing through. I haven’t retouched the pictures — so bare with the dark circles and blemishes — to give you a better idea of the coverage. (Also, I’m aware I’m in need of a hair cut).

So let me elaborate on why I understand the hype. 1) I love the coverage, 2) the finish is really natural, and 3) it stays on all freakin’ day. I’m pretty sure it’s not just due to the fact it’s in a cushion compact, but the formula of the product is just really good. You only need to press the puff onto the product ever so slightly and you’ll have enough for a full face. The coverage is medium to full, but very buildable without looking cakey or mask-like. Because this is their ‘moisture’ compact, it leaves a very dewy finish. Koreans tend to love this gloss/dewy/wet finish (‘guang’) on their skin, and I can see it looking great on those who have dry skin, but on my combination/oily skin, it just looks too slick. So I just blot the excess off and then dust it over with powder.

Because of the coverage, I don’t tend to wear concealer when I use this, as it just covers everything. Blemishes, dark circles, hyper pigmentation: gone. To a certain extend. On the day these pictures were taken I survived 2 weeks of a bad diet and long days — the time I spent in the library was longer than the time I slept — so no product would be able to hide those. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. The product doesn’t oxidise or slip away and it’s just so comfortable to wear. At first I thought applying this evenly would be a nightmare, but it’s easier than you may think. You just pat it on and there’s not much to it. Remember not to drag, as that’ll leave the skin looking weird. I’m so impressed with my first cushion makeup item and it’s made me very curious to try out different brands and formulas. I’ve been testing two BB cushions from Etude House, which will be featured sometime this week. So watch this space…