The Postgrad Life So Far & I May Need Your Help!

During the past few months so much has happened, and I just wanted to take this moment to say hello to my new and old followers. Hello! I’m currently still living the [West] Yorkshire life (did you realise we’ve got the same initials? Oh the weird things I pay attention to…) and have decided to stay here over the summer to write my dissertation. But before I get there, I thought it’d be nice to write a short post on deciding to follow a Masters and how I’ve been liking it so far. And my next chapter you ask? I’ll come to that in a sec, this is going to be a long one guys.

So yes, going back to Uni, I’ll admit: living the postgrad life is not the most exciting, though I’d be lying if I didn’t have my fair share of fun. To anyone who’s considering to do a Masters right after graduation, my advice is to only do it when you’re genuinely motivated and driven to do so. It’s not something you can just wing and do hardheartedly, as it will require a lot of time and effort to get you through the course. I’m currently finalising my MA in Advertising & Marketing at the University of Leeds, and though I’m genuinely interested and really passionate about the industry, it was clear to me that I was ready for the ‘real life’. I’ve done numerous internships and have had small freelance jobs within the industry throughout my BA and I personally think my undergrad just prepared me really well. Somethings you only realise when you’re put in a different environment and situation.

That being said, I did try to make the most out of my time here. Universities in the Netherlands are definitely not as grand as those in England. I remember the first time I stepped foot on campus and saw University of Leeds’s infamous Parkinson Steps I was overwhelmed and flooded with different thoughts. “This is incredible”, “So this is how English Universities look like”, “These steps give me a Gossip Girl deja vu”, “Where can I get the best angle to send pictures back home?” and “Bloody hell, what have I gotten myself into…”. After my 8-9 months so far, I can definitely say I’ve had a great learning experience. Not only have I pushed (and proven) myself academically, but I got to know myself better through this experience. I realised I’m much stronger and braver than I ever thought I’d be or turn out to become, and for this I salute you, Leeds.

Going back to my dissertation, I’ve decided to stay close to home, which is Millennials, blogging and luxury beauty. I’m in the beginning stages of doing research and a lot of things are still a bit unclear to me, as I don’t know the exact direction I’ll be going. However, after great feedback from my tutor (and a great grade to back that up), I’m really motivated to get this going. I’ll be doing research on beauty loving/blogs reading Millennials and this is where you come in. It’s very likely I’ll be doing quantitative research, so I’d love for you guys to participate in this. It’d be nothing scary or nothing too personal, just a simple survey to pick your brains for my research. I’m not that far yet, but when the time comes, I’ll definitely write a lil’ announcement on the blog and/or Twitter, and I’d love for you to pitch in.

And yes, the next chapter. So many people have asked me about my plans after graduation. To be really honest, I don’t really know, which slightly terrifies me. Don’t write me off just yet. I’ve always been the type of person who knew exactly what she wanted and knew exactly what she’d do next. The type some people hate and others envy? Maybe. But being uncertain of my future is just daunting. In all honesty, I don’t even think I can answer the question “Where will you move to next”, which is maybe the biggest question of ’em all…

I’m definitely working, but whether that’ll be in England or the Netherlands, I don’t know. I know I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to work in different countries and believe me, I’ll try to make the most out of that advantage. My ideal plan is to stay in the UK and find a job in London. London is just where the heart is, though if I’m really honest, Amsterdam isn’t a bad ‘second choice’ either. Ideally I’d love to move back to Battersea/Clapham and spend my weekends being incognito in the London crowds, discovering new places to eat, visit or just to be back in a big city. What can I say… I’m just a city girl at heart. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the city, but…