H&M are Stepping Up Their Beauty Game —
H&M Beauty Launch 2015

When I think H&M, the last thing I think of would be beauty. Their previous attempts to enter the beauty lovers’ heart was lousy, where it mainly contained low-quality products that weren’t really worthy of investing in. Maybe it was the success of their sister brand & Other Stories beauty range, or the fact that beauty lovers are ruling the world (not really, but kinda): H&M have finally stepped up their beauty game with an amazing range of hair, makeup and body care.

Whilst I’d have loved to pick up every single item of the range – and believe me, they’ve all been in my basket – I sadly don’t have the funds for it. Also, I thought it’d be better to trial a few products before I completely go mental. I’ve picked up the Beach Keen Salt Water Cream, because the product name intrigued me. We all have heard about salt water sprays, but I’ve yet to come across it in a cream formulation. I’ve only tried this a handful of times and really like it so far. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of leave-in hair products, as they leave my hair really greasy or weigh it down. This, however, does neither. It’s weightless and really does a great job in volumnising and creating texture, whilst still looking clean. It comes in a screw-top tube, has this very subtle and pleasant fragrance that leaves your hair smelling nice, and I personally love the design of the tube. The design of the whole range slightly reminds me of R+Co’s range.

Aside from their hair range, the makeup is definitely worth paying attention to. I picked up their Gossamer Lip Stain, which stains so well that it did. not. budge. with Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O. It only came off when using an oil makeup remover and whilst it is slightly concerning and maybe a tad inconvenient, it’s amazing when you need something that stays on. Leading Lady is a gorgeous dark red that glams up every look from day to night. Their Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Cameo Brown is on the other spectrum, being a very subtle dusty rose. It’s really easy to blend and dries powdery in the right way. The only point of criticism I’ve got is that the packaging of their blushes is quite… flimsy and it feels cheap. It’s fine, because I’m really impressed by the quality of the product, which makes it all good. They’re launching an eco-cert range come Christmas, which I’m very excited about! Now the next question is: what else should I get from the range? AH, the choices.


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