Live Life the Colourful Way

… is something I don’t say or do. My wardrobe is very monochrome and minimalistic, with a few rare pops of colour. And whilst I do love a good bold lip, I don’t experiment with makeup ever. (OK, I had my phase when I was 12/13 and wore different coloured eye kohl every day, but let’s not talk about that moment right now). However, with my first – rather positive – encounter with Etude House’s PLAY 101 pencils, I decided it was time to gain some courage and start exploring. And you know what? Whilst you definitely won’t see me with rainbow coloured lids any time soon, I’m kinda loving electric blue on me…

I’m literally the worst when it comes to eye makeup, and experimenting with eyeliners is a big step for me. Please ignore the grim expression in above picture… I guess I was attempting a model pose, which I’m obviously not cut out for. I’ve literally just slapped on some tinted moisturiser and brow gel, aside from the eyeliner. I’m wearing PLAY 101 in 65, and I love it. Having mono lids and small eyes to begin with, eye makeup can either make me look 1) very gothic or 2) make my eyes look even smaller. It’s so difficult to find the right balance… Though I think I’m finally one step closer towards the right direction.

What I love about these pencils is that they’re really easy to apply —they feel like a gel and glide on effortlessly. And once they’ve set, they’re there to stay. No smudges or panda eyes to be spotted throughout the night! Aside from their black (1) and translucent (5) liner – a combo I use rather frequently – I’ve also got 69, a bright orange-red (also suitable for the lips), 63, a metallic bronze, 69, electric blue and 64, a lovely turquoise that’s a tad too bright for my liking. There are about 37 shades available and about $6 each, available via Etude House (US) and eBay. Like they say, a lid for every pot…


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