The Empties Edit #6

And we’re back. As you know, I’ve been ridiculously busy the past month. Having migrated from the Uni library to my parental nest, I’m currently in the midst of the postgrad madness, not knowing where to go or what to do. As if life wasn’t hectic and stressful enough. Sigh. I didn’t see the point of packing products that were nearly empty, so I put in some extra effort to finish a load before the big move. And you know what? It was surprisingly easy, as I genuinely enjoyed every one of ’em.

A brand I’ve recently discovered is Blue Labelle, they’re a small English brand that handcrafts every single product and completely natural and vegan. I tried their Moringa & Raspberry Seed Face Oil, which balances combination/oily skin and hydrates dry skin. Whilst it’s a very nourishing oil, it doesn’t sit heavy on the skin at all and sinks in almost instantly, making it perfect for combination/oily skin. Best thing is that it left my skin with a glow and a good punch of hydration. The 10ml is just under a tenner, and perfect when travelling or if you like to mix your own concoctions. I mixed this with Odacité’s Pure Booster Pa+G, which contains Papaya Seed and Geranium oil. I’ve raved about their Boosters before, and I’ll just say that a few drops mixed in any moisturiser/oil has improved my complexion and evened out my skin tone yonks.

Whilst I initially bought Elemental Herbology’s Cool & Clear Cleansing Gel as a face wash, I ended up using it on my body, which I believe has calmed down my skin a lot and kept irritations and spots at bay. It’s definitely not a cheap body wash, so I doubt I’ll repurchase it for the same purpose. Korres’ Shower Gels on the other hand, has been a long staple in my shower, and I don’t think we’ve ever parted since we met (which is 3 years ago). Japanese Rose happens to be the first and my favourite range, as it just has the right amount of floral fragrances in, without being overpowering or simply too much. Another bathroom fave is Balance Me’s Super Toning Body Polish. I’m not quite sure if it actually increased blood circulation and aided in toning my limbs, but I can say that it’s such a good exfoliator and it smells amazing. I tend to use this once a week, post-work out and it leaves me feeling invigorated and with super smooth skin.

Another booster is REN’s Tonic Super Mist, which is my on-the-go makeup bag and in-flight staple. Sadly I think it’s discontinued now – it’s not listed anywhere – so I don’t have the ingredients list for you, but I do remember it contains Hyaluronic Acid. Our fave moisture-locking ingredient. Whilst I know Moroccan Oil isn’t the cleanest product out there – yes it contains silicones and perfume – but my locks seem to really like this. A little lasts a long way (probably because of the silicones) and whilst I like the Original and Light versions equally, I think the Light version may be a bit better for my current hair situation as it’s lighter and doesn’t weigh my hair down as much. Though it still leaves my locks lustrous, soft and smooth. Frankly, that’s all I need. But if someone’s developed shampoo that will allow me to wash my hair 1-2 a week without leaving it greasy and smelly, I’ll be the first to order in bulk!