Und Gretel —Natural Makeup Done Well

Natural makeup brands are really starting to take off, mainly because of the very influential green beauty blogging community. Whereas I’m quite comfortable in the green beauty skincare segment, I’ve not yet found a brand that ticks all the boxes. Foundations are my main struggle and during a random Google search, I stumbled upon Und Gretel —a natural and organic German makeup brand created by MUA Christina Rothand and marketer Stephanie Dettmann. It was born based on the idea to provide great textures, formulations and bold/modern colours without using preservatives and toxins, creating a pure makeup brand without compromises.

I was very tempted to try their lip products as they truly embrace the brand’s philosophy to create bold products without compromising on ingredients. However, as I’ve got way too many lipsticks for a person with one mouth, I figured I should instead try products I actually need and can use on a daily basis. I was initially drawn to the brand because of its LIETH Foundation. Mineral powders don’t sit well on my skin, so I was very exciting to discover a natural liquid foundation. I’ve got the shade 2 Porcelain Beige, which looked yellow enough online, but seems a tad too pink in real life (it’s more pink in real life than on the picture). However, colour-match aside, it’s very lightweight and easy to blend, making it possible to layer for heavier coverage —ranging from light-medium(ish). It contains Rosehip, Avocado Oils and Camomille Extracts, making it very nourishing and calming, ideal for sensitive skin.

Because it does contain these nourishing ingredients, I have to seal it with a powder. Und Gretel’s ILGE Translucent Compact Powder is amazing for that. It’s actually found its way to my makeup bag, so I can ‘touch up’ as I go. It leaves the skin with a velvet-finish and sets the makeup. I’ve noticed that I rarely need to blot or touch up even. Their SUNNE Lifting Modelling Powder in Wide resembles NARS’ Laguna and Orgasm. It comes with two brushes (made from cruelty-free goats hair), which are surprisingly soft and blend the product really well. The sculpting powder is great for contouring, whilst the blush can replicate a delicate flush of colour. Though it does contains subtle shimmers, it doesn’t make my face look like a disco ball and lasts well throughout the day.

Lastly, the SPRUSSE Eyebrow Pencil in 3 Dark Brown is perhaps a tad too warm for me, but I can make it work. The pencil is soft enough to easily blend and hard enough to fill your brows in with precision. The spoolie at the end is great for blending it in and it lasts all day —even without a browgel to set it. I’m pleasantly impressed with the entire range and personally the brand aesthetics speak to me. It’s minimalism done well. Yes, the products are definitely not the cheapest, but clean ingredients come with a price. If I had to pick a favourite, it’s ILGE fo sho. It comes in this metal case that protects the powder from smashing and looks super chic when touching up. I’ll have to dial down my spending habits for the coming few months, but when the time comes, I’ll definitely will be exploring more cheek products and, of course, their lip offerings.


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