What I’ve Been Loving (August & September 2015)

I realised a bit late that I forgot about my August faves, but because I was stuck inside the library all day ‘err day, life wasn’t too fruitful anyways. September on the other hand was very exciting and hectic. In a span of 4 weeks, I’ve handed in my dissertation, officially gone from student to unemployed, been frequenting the airport way too often and am so confused about my current status and near future. This all has been reflecting on my skin, which is confused, angry and just stressed to the core. I’ve got highs and lows, but I noticed that keeping my skincare to the bare minimum and supplementing it with soothing + hydrating treatments was the way to go. (I know it sounds simple, yet it took me many years to get to this solution).

I broke out rather severely about 2 weeks pre-deadline, which was mainly my own fault. I had a couple of blemishes due to bad diet and late nights, which I then aggravated with a bunch of new skincare. Who knows why I thought that would be a good idea. Anyways, it was really bad for quite a few weeks and then I tried Evologie’s E-System, which is a serum and cream targeted for acne-prone skin. You apply the serum on troubled areas and the cream all over. The first few times I used it, it stung. My face literally hurt. However, pain aside: it worked. No, the blemishes didn’t vanish overnight, but I saw a drastic improvement in how angry and inflamed my skin was. I wouldn’t use this during the day, as it’s a terrible makeup base. Also, if you’ve got dry skin, definitely seal the cream with an oil, as it may be a tad too drying.

My choice of oil was Honest Skincare’ Balancing Oil, which is very lightweight yet very hydrating. It contains a blend of Chia Seeds, Kiwi, Clary Sage and Lavender, which are all very soothing and skin rebalancing ingredients. I let this sink in for about… 30 minutes before my next step, which is applying COSRX’s Acne Pimple Master Patches. Terrible name, yes. But they work and I could care less about a product name. They come in three different sizes and you just apply them on your pimple. Unlike the pimple patches we used back in 2000, these actually stay on the face. The next day the pimple has either shrunk, come to a head or has completely vanished. My Korean is rather limited so I’m not quite sure what the ingredients are or what the technology is behind it —apologies for that.

The step before this routine, I apply Klairs’ Soothing Sheet Mask directly after cleansing/toning and leave it on until it’s dry and my skin has soaked up all the goodness. It does exactly what the name suggests and my skin is left plump, calm and hydrated. After ± 30 mins, I take it off, pat in the residue and follow with the E-System. That has basically been the core of my skincare routine for the past 2 weeks and it’s been working rather well. It’s less bumpy, blemishes go away faster and my skin is less patchy. Hyper pigmentation is still an ongoing problem for me though, however I’ve decided to just focus on calming the skin first before tackling another skin concern.

What does help is a good makeup base and after finally getting my hands on MAC’s Studio Waterweight Foundation (yay), I’ve been wearing every day since I got it. NC25 is a great match for my current skin tone and whilst it comes in a dropper, don’t confuse this with GA Maestro, Lancôme Air de Teint and the likes. It’s water-based and has this gel/serum-like texture. It’s light-medium coverage and has a satin finish —not too glowy, yet not matte. I’ll have to test it a bit more for a more in-depth review if there’s any interest in that. My last favourite of the month – and then I promise I’ll stop rambling – is NAILS INC.’s Nail Kale range. I don’t know if it’s the Kale, but this range kicks ass. Although the shade selection is quite limited, I’m the proud owner of Bruton Mews (forest green), Victoria (burgundy) and Montpelier Walk (nude). They are very opaque and only require 1-2 coats, have a glossy finish and stay on without (major) chipping for a whole WEEK. Mind blown and I’m already saving up to add some additional colours to my collection. If my mani survives after washing the dishes, and washing my hair, it deserves to be embraced forever. (Or at least for now).


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