My Long-Overdue London Haul

OK, I do realise that it’s taken ages for me to share my London haul. In the mean time, I’ve already been to London and been back for a few weeks now. Sorry, somehow writing just didn’t happen and I couldn’t find the inspiration and motivation. But I think I’m back on track now! Some may think I went a bit overboard with my haul (maybe I did), but you’ve got to understand that most of these brands/products aren’t carried in the Netherlands. Also: I’m a sucker for duty-free.

There were two brands I had my mind set on before I flew to London: Pixi and Davines. Whilst Pixi Glow Tonic did nothing for my skin, their Glow Peel Pads are supposed to be a souped up, more intense version. With 20% glycol, plus a few trials I can attest to that statement. I swipe this all over my face and neck, leave it on for about 5-10 mins, or 15 if I really feel like a rebel and rinse it off with water. It instantly makes my dead skin cells vanish, leaving me with super smooth, soft and radiant skin. Do proceed with caution when you’ve got super sensitive skin as it does sting.

My first trip to London was to attend #SMWLDN, where each day was jam-packed with seminars, panels and master classes. It was great fun and insightful, but on the third day I decided to sneak out and pop into Liberty —the UK HQ of Davines. Having read so much about the brand, it had always tugged my attention, though due to its limited stockists, I’d never tried it. In the end I left with a bottle of their Rebalancing Shampoo, which is great for those with oily scalp. As for my second trip to London, I forgot to pack shampoo so was ‘forced’ to buy another. As I didn’t want two of the same, I opted for the OI Shampoo, which contains Roucou Oil and is rather nourishing but doesn’t make my hair feel greasy. Apparently it’s a classic. I alternate the two and so far my hair is liking it. (I also cut off about 10 cm of my hair, so that also made it feel/look much healthier).

Everyone who’s been to Liberty’s Beauty Halls knows that you don’t pop-out when you have bought one thing. You peruse. At least, I do. And perusing is what I did. I stopped at the Soveral counter and had a lovely chat with the SA from Aurelia (the neighbouring counter) and kinda convinced me that Soveral was the bee’s knees. Whilst everything else was rather out of my budget, their Spotless Spot Treatment Gel was well in my budget, Liz raved about it earlier, and I happen to not own a clear spot treatment. It contains a blend of organic essentials oils including French High-Altitude Lavender, Lemongrass and Rose Geranium, which are calming and anti-bacterial. Whilst I wasn’t sure what to expect, it surprised me beyond my expectations. I dip in a cotton bud and then distribute the product over blemishes. Over time (and overnight) I’ve noticed they clear up much faster. Also, did I mention that it smells amazing. Before popping back to the conference (no I didn’t forget!), I popped by MUJI to pick up two of their eponymous drawers. Yes, the ones almost all beauty bloggers have. I was just really in need of some and they make good quality products.

A trip to London (or the UK in general) wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Space NK. I went in with the sole purpose of picking up Evologie’s eSystem again, as I was running low. I did and whilst I was tempted by a lot of products, I resisted. Two hours later, I was on my way to Stansted and not sure what to expect of the duty-free scene. It was my first time flying via Stansted and it definitely won’t be the last. Its duty-free section is massive and the food options are great. Being overwhelmed by the vast amount of beauty products and brands available, I think I’ve edited my basked for about 3 times and wandered around for an hour.

Burberry Beauty was the first on my list, as I’ve never owned anything from them before and I’ve only heard great things. And I mean, that packing is just killer. Whilst I wanted to pick up Burberry Beauty’s Light Glow Blush in Earthy looked very dark and I wasn’t sure if I would use it on a daily basis, so I opted for Cameo instead —a gorgeous dusty rose shade. As I mentioned my concern regarding Earthy, the SA brought to my attention a duty-free exclusive set, that contained Earthy in miniature, a mini lipstick, mini Fresh Glow and a mini kabuki. Whilst the minis are great, I wish I’d had gotten Earthy in full-size, as I’ve been wearing it every day since! It’s great for contour, warming up the complexion or even as blush! Cameo on the other hand, I haven’t worn that often, but I guess I’ll save it for the more special occasions?

After having satisfied my Burberry cravings, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a Tom Ford counter.  I’ve been dreaming about their lipsticks for years now and when they had Wild Ginger in stock, I couldn’t resist since the price was good for TF. After that it kinda became a blur. I think it was the lack of food in ma belly… I picked up Flora by Gucci – Gracious Tuberose with 40% off and got one of the new The Body Shop Facial Massagers. With 30 mins to spare, I popped into the loo, had a quick lunch at LEON, was ready for boarding and before I knew it, we already touched down in Amsterdam.


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