The Stocking Filler and
Budget Christmas Gift Guide

This post is for everyone who’s still last-minute gift shopping or is looking for more things to add onto their wish list. I love me some TLC and there’s nothing more satisfying than bargains. OK, so these aren’t necessarily budget-buys, but they definitely won’t break the bank and would be great stocking fillers. That is if you don’t buy them all at once… PS. Yes, I know I may have overdone it on the snow front. Soz.

FOR THE MUSIC LOVER. I love listening to music and whilst my iPhone speakers are fine, the quality isn’t amazing. Buying speakers was always on my mind, but I needed something portable, wireless and just easy to use. I found the ThumbsUp Touch Boom Box Speaker on a random browse on Amazon. It comes with an USB charger so you don’t have to worry about batteries. The music quality is surprisingly quite good and for £15, you can’t really go wrong. NB. I did notice that with my iPhone 6S Plus, the music isn’t transmitting as well and takes a bit more time to figure out its sweet spot. But once it does, you ain’t hearing me complaining.

FOR THE LIPSTICK BUFF. Lipstains are a must for any lipstick lover. They stay on forever and are the perfect go-to when you know you can’t be arsed to touch up your lips every two hours. H&M’s Gossamer Lipstain is dangerously long-lasting. I say dangerously, because it took me ages till I got it off my lips. So be warned. Leading Lady is the perfect holiday colour —a beautiful bright and vibrant wine red. A more natural and temporary option is CHANEL Lévres Scintillantes Glossimer Lipgloss in 487 (LE). It looks fairly scary at first glance, but it’s a sheer plum gloss with the subtlest hint of sheen, making it the perfect everyday pick. Very easy to apply, quite nourishing for what it is, and not crazily sticky either.

FOR THOSE WHO NEED SOME TLC. Oh, I’ve said it a bazillion times: I love me some TLC. Vichy’s Idéalia Skin Sleep is something you can just lather on and jump into your bed immediately. The perfect gift for those who need some extra moisture in their skin, but are the living example of being low-key. For those who want some extra relaxation, get the Scentered Escape Therapy Balm. I’ve been rubbing this on my wrists before bed and love inhaling this as it really calms my senses and relaxes my mind and body instantly. Dare I say it… I think it may have helped to ‘cure’ my insomnia (will do a full post on this soon). Also, check out Mantrabands. It’s been on my list forever and I hope that Santa got the hint this year. It may not physically contribute, but it’s definitely a mental state of mind. Namaste. 

FOR THE MANI-PEDI FANATIC. I used to be famed for being a nail polish junkie, where I’d change colours of my nails at least once a day. I know… It was bad. Polishes often are a hit or miss and as I wash my hair quite often and sometimes do the dishes without dishwashing gloves, they tend to chip before I can say wastebasket. JINsoon and Nails Inc’s NAILKALE range though… Not so much. These are glossy, dry quickly and stay on for at least 5 days. No base coat, no top coat —just two coats will do. Pictured are Coquette, Nostalgia and Bruton Mews respectively.

FOR THE HAIR 101 GIFT. I’m literally the worst person to ask for hair advice, because I just suck at doing my hair. I literally rock the ‘I woke up like dis hairdo all day, ’err day. That being said, I’ve slowly integrated some bits and the H&M Beauty range is just da bomb. Super easy to use, packaging that speaks to me and no claims it doesn’t deliver. The Salt Water Cream is basically a gel cream version of the sea salt sprays. But then it smells nicer and it doesn’t make your hair feel disgusting and gross. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the Dry Conditioner does to my hair, but I love spraying this all-over. It has a lovely and subtle fragrance and leaves my hair with a bit of bounce. (Though in all honesty, I don’t think it actually conditions very well. Anyone care to fill me in on the whole dry conditioning thing?)

FOR THE BOOKWORM. Next to being a beauty junkie, borderline shopaholic and wearable-tech obsessive, I happen to be a massive bookworm. My mini bookcase is something I’m the most proud of in my room and it just makes me smile each time I stare at it (yes that happens from time to time). So I perused my own shelves and found some recent and not-so-recent discoveries that would be a lovely gift to a book lover.

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn is a must for those who love reading thrillers. It’s a short story so very easy to read, but not less scary. I read the first half before bed and then couldn’t read it for 2 days, because it was super scary and then I didn’t have time to read it in day time. The second half was less freaky, but still freaky at the same time. A true Flynn. If you’re not into the whole scary-stuff and would want to read something a bit more airy, but still inspirational and entertaining: Vivienne Westwood by Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly. It’s such an interesting and eye-opening book. Definitely not a boring book, as boring is not a label I’d ever stick on Vivienne Westwood, ever. And lastly, for the gal whose new year’s resolution is to be healthier, Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It desects a lot of myths and explains why something is good or bad for you. It’s super informative, eye opening and very easy to read as it’s written in a way my friends would speak to me. A lil’ bit straightforward added with a bit of wit.

And this post marks the end of my Christmas gift guides. I hope you guys enjoyed this and have been able to gain some more inspiration for gifts to give —for yourself or your loved ones. I’d love to hear what’s made it onto your wish list this year!


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