What I’ve Been Loving (January 2016)

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January just flew by and I mean it. Last week marked my first month as a young professional and my month has been filled with lots of change, excitement, gratefulness and a shot of (healthy) stress. Time flies when you’re having fun aye? Very unlike me, I’ve kept my skincare and makeup routine pretty much the same over the past two months, with some new additions here and there. And damn, I think this is the best my skin’s looked in WEEKS.

I finally did it: my first CT product in tha house! I picked up Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation in Selfridges a few weeks ago and it’s all I’ve been wearing since. The only point of criticism I’ve got is that I hate the very cheap, tacky, plastic pump it comes with. Rant over. On a more positive note: coverage is medium, covers up blemishes and hyper pigmentation rather well, very easy to blend and gives a velvet-satin-skinlike finish.

I got matched to shade 6 Medium, which shockingly is quite a good match, but maybe a tiny bit too neutral. It definitely lasts for a good 5-6 hours before it slowly starts to vanish around my chin and nose area. I do have to blot throughout the day and set it with powder, but that’s just because I got a whole lot of natural glow going on. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

Moving on to skincare, but keeping onto the glow topic, meet Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum —a Beauty Heroes enabled discovery. Dubbed by ITG as, “The oil to end all face oil”, it genuinely is not one to disappoint. I’ll keep this rant short, as it’s too good to not do a full-on review on this, so watch this space. What this is? A beautiful concoction of oils that makes your skin glow, nourished and can almost fake that ‘I had 10-hours of sleep’ look. I said almost. Whilst this oil is the bomb dot com on its own, I’ve been layering it over Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask for the past few weeks and my mind was blown. I guess I’ve got Jade to thank for this discovery, because I literally woke up with skin that looked like those crazy Snapchat filters on that give you ridiculously good skin —you know the one that’s like instant Photoshop. #thekeytosuccess #jk

There’s something about Hyaluronic Acid in skincare products: it draws me to them immediately. If you’ve always wanted to try Indeed Labs’ Hyaluron, but wished it was natural/organic instead of chemically based? Well, Evolve Hyaluronic Serum 200 is the answer to your prayers —it’s 99% natural and 24% organic. It subtly smells like roses (probably due to the Damask) and sinks into the skin instantly. I use a chickpea-size amount for my face and neck, twice a day. During the very cold weeks in January, I had my heating full-on in my room, which caused my skin to flake ridiculously and it was just yuck. As I dialled down the temperature in my room, I also started using the serum. Around 3 days later I noticed that my skin looked less dry and patchy. In a week’s time, it was nearly back to its original state and the patchiness seem to have gone down yonks.

I just this before I pile on my Vintner’s Daughter + Tata Harper combo and let it sink in for a while before I slap on a layer of Osmia Organics’ Purely Simple Face Cream lavishly. (Also a Beauty Heroes enabled discovery). As the name implies, it’s a very simple, no fuss and short-ingredients list product that may be runny in texture, but gives the effects of a very thick balm/cream, yet feels ridiculously lightweight on the skin. It also doesn’t block pores and after weeks of usage my skin is plumped and balanced —cue angel music. I’m already dreading the moment when I run out of this, as it’s quite a pain to get hold of in the UK. Sobs.

Whilst the condition of my skin is definitely joint effort, it’d be unfair to not give credit where it’s due, as MOSS’ Equilibrium Harmonizing Serum has sorted my skin out slowly but surely. I’ve been using it since mid December and I’d say it’s definitely a key player in fading my hyper pigmentation and hydrating/calming my skin. I’m still really prone to acne, so spots and scarring come and go, but using the serum definitely has helped to ease the process. It has so many great ingredients that I could go on about them forever and I don’t even know where to start/stop. Actually, on that note, I may do an updated skincare routine including more in-depth product reviews as I’ve changed quite some things around since the last. Holler at me for requests or blog ideas!


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