A White Trainer Staple —
Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleanser

Let me put it out there, I’m a dirt magnet. And because of that, I’ve sworn off white shoes for years. Though with the whole Normcore trend and white trainers making a comeback, I couldn’t resist. I lasted 2 whole days without making my Adidas Superstars look muddy, and then tube rush hour happened…

I discovered Jason Markk’s Premium Shoe Cleanser in the weekly Time Out magazine – ironically reading it whilst being stepped on – and I knew I had to get it. Basically it’s a kit specifically designed to get rid off the dirt on your beloved trainers.

I hear ya say, “Can’t you just use soap?” Well you probably could, but as the Shoe Cleanser is specifically designed for the job, I like to think it’s less likely to damage the shoe, and as a bonus: it works as a dream. The cleanser is really watery, so it may be a bit confusing as to how to use it. I pour a bit on the brush, wet the brush and then brush it on the shoe till it lathers. Rinse and repeat. It can get a bit messy so make sure you’re above a sink or just have some towels around you.

It’s super easy and quick to use and it kinda breathes in new life to my kicks. I kid you not when I say they look like they were new. And on that note I should probably scrub them clean right now…


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