Flirting With Hair Extensions

If you were hoping to read a post that’d teach you all the tricks to set the roof on fire and where the DJ got us fallin’ in love tonight whilst you’re swishing your hair (extensions?) around —I have to apologise. I don’t think this is merely as entertaining as that’d be, and frankly, can someone please teach me those moves?! Case in point: I’m talking about playing with the thought of wearing hair extensions.

A very long backstory short: I used to have super thick hair and it started falling out since 4 years ago and it’s never really grown back. Now my hair loss isn’t as bad as it started out, but the density of my hair is. About a year ago I decided to try out extensions and to properly research them (read: just reading lots of reviews). Not to add length, but to add volume and thickness. One of the brands that kept popping up with great ratings for both colour, quality and ease was Irresistible Me.

Now this brand is based in NYC, has a massive blogger following and a great YouTube fan base —this is SEO well done guys. Being the n00b, 4 videos and 7 blog reviews later, I sent Irresistible Me a massive email with about a dozen questions about what would fit me best. They were very kind and helpful in recommending suitable extensions and did a great job explaining the differences between the thickness, etc. They were kind enough to offer me a test set and I went for it.

I ended up getting the Royal Remy in Natural Black in 200g/16” and it was the perfect match for me. (Right now I dyed my hair in a different colour, so sadly can’t show you any modelling pics and you’ll have to settle with GIFS). It’s that very very dark brown that seems black to about… Every ‘white person’ I speak to. But yes, the 200g ones are quite hefty so I wouldn’t wear these on a day-to-day basis, but they’re beautiful. Super sleek, glossy and really easy to use. It makes me wish I woke up with locks like those. That being said: I’ve not slept with them in, as I just don’t think it’s comfortable and I feel it’d damage the extensions for no reason. 

So the extensions are 100% human hair, which kinda freaked me out, but then again it doesn’t… I can’t really explain this. But I guess that adds to how natural it looks. They’re clip-ins and a quick Google will show you a ton of YouTube reviews which tell you how to clip them on and off without pulling out your real hair. The clips were easy to open and close without any help and I think what I like most is the packaging.

Picking extensions that match you hair colour based on an image is as difficult as buying a foundation online without having swatched it irl. They’ve put a sample ‘lock’ in a separate pouch, so you can try and see if it matches your real hair colour without breaking the seal of the full pack. If it’s a bad match, they’re super helpful with helping you find the right colour and will exchange the product without too much fuss.

Now it’d be a stretch to call me a total convert or a frequent hair extension wearer, BUT I’m much more comfortable with the thought to clip in a few when my hair needs a bit of an oomph for a night out or a family gathering. Ya know the one where you have to charm the crowd and expect to take hundreds of pictures. True story.


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