The Shampoo-Conditioner Duo That’s Saving My Hair

Let me put it out here first, I’m fussy re:hair care. I change my shampoos as often as I change my underwear (hint: daily) and I condition my hair as frequent as I go to the dentist (hint: rarely). My scalp gets very oily very quickly, which is likely due to my hormonal imbalance. Washing my hair every day and it falling flat before the sun’s gone down is a mission and a nuisance, which is why I gave KEVIN.MURPHY’s PLUMPING.LINE a try. OK, and I was enticed by the colour and shape of the packaging. BUT BOY AM I GLAD I DID.

KEVIN.MURPHY is one of those brands that like to reinvent names for things, so instead of shampoo they call them wash and instead of conditioner it’s called a rinse. Now we’re all on the same page, let’s get crackin’. Also: their completely sulphate and pararaben free, hooray.

The whole PLUMPING.LINE is specially designed to, “Give fine and thinning hair a boost”. Whilst I would never classify my hair as fine, I am sadly losing heaps of it as time goes and need all the help I can get for some oomph. The entire range contains Oleanolic Acid, which strengthens the hair at the root and reducing the chances of hair loss —YAASSS. Apigenin improves blood flow to the follicle and has been derived from Parsley, and Biotinyl-GHK gives the impression of thicker hair. Its a blend of strengthening tripeptides that can be found in eyelash lengthening products.

Their PLUMPING.WASH does just that. Lifting the hair from the roots, giving it a noticeable – yet subtle – lift. I find most volumnising shampoos to be incredibly drying, but not the this. Instead, it softens and hydrates my hair, whilst exfoliating the scalp from any grime and build up, whilst adding some volume to my hair.

My favourite way to use the product is to ‘wash’ my hair with the PLUMPING.RINSE – yes the conditioner – first and work it into my scalp. Rinse and then follow with shampoo. As my scalp gets oily very easily and I suffer from dry ends, this is the best way to get the nourishment my locks need without the grease. One thing that I don’t really like about the duo is its smell. It’s very… manly. I can’t pin down what it smells like exactly, but it’s a very familiar, masculine musky scent. Not my cup of tea perse, but as it doesn’t really linger, I’m cool.

I’ve tried everything from a£3 shampoo to over £30 and with this sitting right in the middle, I’m a very happy camper. It’s not solved all my hair woes, but it’s getting close. If anyone is close to formulating a shampoo that would leave hair look, feel and smell clean: hook a girl up.


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