Who’s That Girl

You must be wondering, “Who is this insanely rambly, beauty-obsessed person behind this brilliant blog?”.

Well, that’d be me. WengYee [wengyi:], also known as Weng amongst friends. Twenty-something. Proud BA & MA owner. Dutch by birth and Londoner by choice. Flaming passion for beauty, expensive handbags, food, healthy living and living life. Materialism and capitalism in living form. Self proclaimed beauty junkie. Tech-nerd. Currently obsessed with natural & green skincare brands and SOKOJAP beauty products —FYI: that’s ‘South Korean & Japanese’ for anyone not having instant access to my brain.

Former Amsterdammer, Parisienne and Leeds-o-topian (no that’s actually not a thing). Hoping to add New Yorker and Cali-girl to this list soon. Living the life of a digital marketer. Determined to travel and explore the world. This blog is my outlet for raves and ramblings on life, well-being and fashion, but mainly beauty. YOU’RE WELCOME.

I’m terrible at naming things, and naming the blog didn’t go any easier. Yes, perhaps it’s not as permanent or life-altering as naming your kid, but to me… My blog is my baby.

Whilst it started off as Raves ‘nd Ramblings in 2012 (because well… it was all just raves and ramblings), I felt it wasn’t me anymore and started thinking of re-branding the blog. A true marketer at heart… Just kidding (not really).

After pondering for a while, I decided to go with 9 out of ten —not 9 out often, or whatever variant you can make out of it. Simply 9. out. of. ten. Why? Because I like my lists and 9 out of ten times I write one. 9 out of ten times, I step foot out of the house and end up walking back in with two bags (Boots, Liberty or Space NK —you know the drill). 9 out of ten times, I buy things ‘in the name of the blog’. And that’s how 9 out of ten came to life, and will remain until I’m too old to type.

Welcome to my safe haven for beauty ramblings and musings, and hopefully it’ll be your go-to online source for all things beauty, well-being and just fun.